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Lockdown causes Hunger
 May 10, 2020 by Marc Szeglat

Hunger causes not only the plague of locusts, but also the worldwide lockdown that was imposed in most countries around the world as a result of the corona pandemic.

The Northern and Central European countries have so far come through the crisis reasonably well, but economically less well-positioned countries are fighting the pandemic with much stronger bandages and are still threatening to lose the fight. In many countries, the direct consequences of corona infections have so far been less dramatic than the consequences of lockdown. 

Kenya not only lacks pesticides in the fight against the locust plague, but also social protection from the state. Millions of people live from hand to mouth and have lost their jobs as a result of the lockdown. Unlike with us in Germany, there is no short-time allowance for these people, no state aid for the self-employed and employers, not even Harz 4.

They simply have no more money and therefore nothing to eat. Desperate mothers are already cooking stone soups for their children so that they feel that there is soon something to eat and to fall asleep over the boiling water on an empty stomach. Slums in Nairobi are cordoned off, the residents are locked up. Here too hunger is at stake. 

People with COVID-19 do not go into quarantine at home, but are locked up in mass accommodations. Whoever wants to eat must have money to pay for it. 

Those who can escape from such quarantine prisons. The official figures from Kenya: 649 infected with 30 fatalities. Of course, it can be assumed that the number of unreported cases is much higher than ours, but you still have to ask yourself whether there will be more deaths from the lockdown than COVID-19 in the final balance sheet. 

The youngest are particularly at risk from hunger, the people who represent the future of each country and who are less likely to go through difficult courses of COVID 19.

The Spanish flu had killed about 150,000 people (4-6% of the total population) in Kenya in 1918. Influenza viruses, which we normally lose infectivity in summer, can also spread in warm climates. With regard to the corona virus, it could mean that the corona virus will also spread more slowly in the temperate zones in summer, although it also occurs in equatorial countries.

In general, one should ask whether the same measures to contain the corona virus are sensible everywhere. Uniform measures cannot be applied to different seeds and crops, but must be adapted to people's living conditions. 

We often make the mistake of projecting our values and ways of life onto distant countries. This includes the attitude to death. And one thing is certain: Corona vaccinations will not be available for these people for years to come, because the western world will use it first. So, in my opinion, Third World countries have no other option than to rely on herd immunity.